Citrix product lifecycle

I don’t know about you but it seems like Citrix has been accelerating the lifecycles for their products over the past couple of years. Maybe as I get older time is just going by that much faster which makes the product lifecycles seem shorter 🙂

At any rate if you have not been paying attention in a little less than a year from now Citrix will EOL all XenApp products running on Windows Server 2003. Then 3 1/2  months later they will EOL XenApp 6.0 and below on Windows Server 2008 leaving only XenApp 6.5 on WS 2008R2. This applies to XenApp Fundamentals as well. Citrix is maintaining a nice easy to read page covering their products here

If you are not up to date with your XenApp product version, then I would start the planning phase in short order and make sure you are ahead of the curve. Especially if you have not even moved up to a Windows Server 2008R2 based OS because you might have your work cut out for you depending on the applications you are running in your environment.


– CG3

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  1. Applications can definitely be a headache when switching to a 64-bit OS, but don’t underestimate the headache-inducing problems caused by printers! Many organizations have a lot of printers (one environment had north of 400 printers!) that are NOT 64-bit compatible. What does that mean? Good luck finding the drivers for them!! As a result, you end up having to spend a boatload of money to replace those printers with models that will be compatible with your new environment. Another option? While not being viable for long if your company cares about “supported systems”, you can leave those printers hosted on a 32-bit 2003 or 2008 server, and load Simplified Printing from TriCerat. The software abstracts the printers and uses a single universal driver to render the jobs. The jobs are then passed to the print server, where the product then hands the jobs off to the native 32-bit driver to actually be sent to the printer. Very slick! There are several other vendors that make similar products, but seeing as that’s the only one I have first-hand experience with, I’ll leave it to our loyal readers to Google for the competitors.