Renaming a Provisioned VM

The other day a client asked me if we could rename one of the provisioned Citrix servers.  I had to think for a minute.  Could you?  Do you just rename the VM?  Do you just rename it in the PSC? I asked a couple co-workers and none of them had done it either.  I had my hunches but it just wasn’t something I’d done before.  So rather than experiment on a production system, I thought this would be a good test in my lab.  What do you think?  Nothing to it?

Well, as it turns out there isn’t really anything to it.  I just renamed the device in the device collection under the properties menu of the device and then selected the Active Directory option after right clicking on the device and had PVS create a new machine account.  I rebooted the machine and sure enough, it booted up with the new name.  Simple stuff.

You’ll probably want to go into AD and delete the old machine account and clean things up.  Your VM will also still retain the old name so you might consider renaming that in your hypervisor.   In this case I was using vSphere.  Renaming the VM in vCenter will make things a little easier to keep track of but remember, that won’t rename the associated files.  They will still retain the old name.  The easiest way to correct that issue is to do a storage vmotion or a cold migration.  The storage vmotion will rename the vmdk’s and other files associated with that VM to match the name of the VM in vCenter.  However – not in vSphere 5.  For some reason it seems that little feature was removed from vSphere 5.  Why?  Something to do with disk numbering.  I don’t know, but I’m hoping that functionality will return.  I guess you’ll have to go to a VMwareGeeks site for that.


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