Associating a XenDesktop image with another DDC

Situation:  You have a small XenDesktop deployment, maybe it was a PoC.  But it’s not built to spec (maybe it was done using quickdeploy?), and you want to go to production.  You’ve thought about building a new DDC and PVS box, but the thought of rebuilding the images is too much to bear.  Or, you built the PoC to production spec, except you only installed a single DDC, and now you want to add another DDC.  Either way, how do you make your existing VDI VM’s aware of the new and/or additional DDC?  Fear not, there’s an easy way to handle it.

Fire up regedt32 and make your way to the following key:


In there is a value called “ListOfDDCs”.  Just edit it.  That’s all.  It’s a space-delimited list of the FQDN’s of all the DDCs that VM is supposed to associate itself with.


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