Project Avalon Excalibur Release

“When will XenApp support Server 2012?”  “When will XenDesktop support Windows 8?”

The answer is finally upon us.  They won’t.

Before you blow a gasket, the reason they won’t is that XenApp and XenDesktop are in their last versions, at least as we know them.  The new product, which is yet to be named, and is known only as “Excalibur” at this time, combines both XenApp functionality AND XenDesktop functionality into a single package, managed from a single pane of glass.  Big news?

  • No more web interface.  Interviews with Citrix staff hint that it “should still work”, but officially only StoreFront will be supported.
  • No more IMA.  Everything will be FlexCast.

The Tech Preview of Excalibur will be avaialble for download November 1.  Since I’m currently in the middle of a certification crunch, I don’t know how soon I’ll get ahold of it and start blogging about it, but I’m sure I’ll be behind the curve. Perhaps Geek2 or Geek3 will grab it and write something up for you loyal followers.  Otherwise, I’m sure Brian Madden or one of the guys who blogs for a living will beat me to it by a long shot.  Oh well.  Such is the life of a consultant who blogs for free….

Read the official PR from Citrix here.


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