Force Deletion of Desktop Group

I recently ran into an issue where the the desktops did not accurately reflect their status in Desktop Studio. In other words, the machines were powered down in VMware but showed as being still powered on in Desk Studio. Why this might have happened is another story. Perhaps the config in Vmware changed, don’t know but that is certainly worth investigating.

In this case, I didn’t care. I just wanted to power off the machines so I could delete the group and start over. The problem is, the GUI won’t let you delete the catalog if it thinks the machines are power up. Even putting them in maintenance mode wouldn’t work.

If you want to forcibly remove the Desktop group, open PowerShell. You can list the Desktop groups by typing: Get-BrokerDesktopGroup. To get a more concise list of just the names of the group: Get-BrokerDesktopGroup | ft name

Find the name of the group you want to remove and type: Remove-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “groupname” -Force.

That’s it. No warning. No “are you really sure you want to do this”. Just Poof and gone. Enjoy.

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