Removable Drive passthru with XD and XA

So Citrix allows you to passthru local devices into XD and XA sessions.  Floppy drives (really?!), optical drives, fixed disks, and removable storage, what fun!  With the Presentation Server 10.x client on the physical device, and Receiver 3.4 Enterprise in the Win7 XD VM, the removable devices passthru as floppy drives.  So, plug in your $300 Kingston HyperX USB-3 drive, and Citrix thinks it’s a floppy.  Brilliant!  But, it works.  Now, you upgrade the client on your physical Win7 machine to Receiver 3.4, and connect to your virtual Win7 desktop that has Receiver 3.4 Enterprise on it.  The USB passthru into XD works, and content redirection tries real hard, but you get an error after the app launches saying it can’t find the file.  You do file -> open, and sure enough, none of the drives from the physical machine have been passed into the XA session.  I previously blogged about this, but this issue is different.  In that scenario, the client devices were a major-name-brand thin client, and that registry key seemed to address the issues.  Apparently I spoke too soon, for that solution does not work in all scenarios.

The solution in this case?  Receiver 4.  Upgraded the Receiver on the physical Win7 client, and bam!  Everything passed through exactly as you would expect it should.

Maddening?  iMacs running v11.7 and v11.8 of the receiver client didn’t have this issue, they just worked.  Really, Citrix?  Your software runs on Windows.  The servers, the virtual desktops, all of it.  Yet the clients you publish only work flawlessly out of the box on Macs?  For shame.



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