XenDesktop 5.6 HRP05

So..  You are building a new environment and want to get it all patched up prior to even getting any real work done.  Always a good idea, right?

WRONG!  Not so with XenDesktop, apparently.

Citrix, in their infinite wisdom, coded this such that you cannot upgrade the database unless you already have a desktop group created.  They even wrote a CTX about how the upgrade button doesn’t appear (granted it was written for HRP04 – but still, this issue continues to exist?!?!), and their “solution” is to stop the Configuration service and launch Studio and then re-add the controller, but tell it not to upgrade the database for you.  Then use the upgrade script it generates and run that against the database manually.  Ok, great – except that when you stop the configuration service, Studio won’t launch, so…   WTF are we supposed to do now?

I started by uninstalling all 7 of the upgrades from HRP05, and then reinstalling the same components from the install media I used to build the DDCs.  Then, create your desktop groups and user assignments – very important!  Then, on the other DDC (the one that’s already been upgraded) you’ll see an “upgrade” button on the dashboard to upgrade the database.  Click it, then reinstall the HRP05 stuff on the one you downgraded.

What a PITA.  Jeez.  Thanks, Citrix!!



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