Couple of Netscaler command-line tips

Spent some time on the phone with Netscaler support over the past few weeks, and made a note of two commands they used that I found useful.

The first will tell you, in real-time, what policies are hitting when a user logs in via Netscaler:

nsconmsg -g pol_hits -d current

The next will show you traffic, in real time, and let you filter it on IP: host <IP Address>

Not sure if anyone else will find these useful, but I’m sure I’ll be referring back to this post to use them in the future.

Load Balanced,

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PVS 7.6 issues with v10 VMs on vSphere 5.5

You know, there are only so many delays I’m willing to deal with in a day.

First, there’s the bug earlier that bit me during install.  Can’t have a space in the name of the OU.

Now, I find another one that gave me the redass.  HARD.

So you’ve got vSphere 5.5.  Excellent.  Citrix says it’s supported.  Everything looks fine.  The customer wants v10 VMs, which is a pain (mostly because VMware’s web interface is a kludgy, bug-ridden POS), but whatever.  NOTE:  Yes, I’m a VCP, too, so don’t think I’m just “hatin on the competition”.  It does need work!

So you build your base image, optimize it, and install the PVS Target device driver.

Reboot, and it hangs loading windows.  I actually removed the bootux disabled entry using bcdedit just so I could see what was going on.

What’s the problem?

With v10 VMs, VMware attaches the virtual CDROM using SATA, not IDE.  Apparently the PVS target device driver can’t deal with that, so the VM never finishes loading.  NOTE:  It ONLY does this when there’s a vDisk attached – if you remove the vDisk from the target device, Windows will boot every time, so it’s not like the driver just outright breaks something.  Even more infuriating.

The solution?  Switch the CDROM to IDE.  Then, don’t forget to remove the SATA adapter from the VM.  Then after you’ve done that, make sure you go into device mangler and remove all the dead stuff – the SATA adapter itself, as well as any ATA channels that are no longer present.  You should still see two ATA channels present after the removal.  Basically, you want to remove all the grayed out items.  How?

Open an administrative command prompt, and enter “set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1”.

Then, “start devmgmt.msc”

Then click view, and then show hidden devices.  Then expand IDE/ATA adapters, and remove all that stuff.


Again, remove only the grayed out items.

While you’re in there, check the Network Adapters, and remove all the grayed out NICs, too (but you already did that, right)?  *IF* you found any grayed out NICs and removed them, you should uninstall and reinstall the target device driver to ensure it binds to the correct NIC.

Then go ahead and re-run the imaging wizard, and you should FINALLY be able to pull an image of your VM.

Me?  I’m pretty disappointed in Citrix.  vSphere 5.5 has been out for a while now, and PVS 7.6 was only just released a couple months ago.  One would think they could have accounted for this, or at least made prominent note of it somewhere telling people about the problem.

But alas, here I am having to blog and complain about it.  Maybe next time..


PVS 7.6 bug

So, I’m doing my first production build of PVS 7.6 servers for a customer.  This particular customer had an OU already defined for all of their security groups. Ok, no problem, I’ll put the security groups in there for farm administrators and such.

Yeah, no.

The OU had a space in it.  The installation took just fine, but then it would not let me into the farm.  I got the old “This domain/user does not have access to the farm”.  Gee, thanks.  So, I go check the dbo.AuthGroup table.  It had a single entry, and it was correct:  “ groups/group”.

I moved the group to an OU without a space in the name, deleted the database, and re-ran the config wizard to create a new farm, and whuddya know?  It all started working again.

Even though Citrix wasted an hour of my time with this, hopefully you won’t waste yours.