PVS 7.6 bug

So, I’m doing my first production build of PVS 7.6 servers for a customer.  This particular customer had an OU already defined for all of their security groups. Ok, no problem, I’ll put the security groups in there for farm administrators and such.

Yeah, no.

The OU had a space in it.  The installation took just fine, but then it would not let me into the farm.  I got the old “This domain/user does not have access to the farm”.  Gee, thanks.  So, I go check the dbo.AuthGroup table.  It had a single entry, and it was correct:  “Domain.com/security groups/group”.

I moved the group to an OU without a space in the name, deleted the database, and re-ran the config wizard to create a new farm, and whuddya know?  It all started working again.

Even though Citrix wasted an hour of my time with this, hopefully you won’t waste yours.


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