PVS 7.6 Cache Disks on 2012R2

So…  Stood up some 2012R2 XA7.6 servers the other day, using PVS7.6 and cache in RAM with overflow to disk.

Then I saw that I had files in the WriteCache directory on the PVS server.  WTF?

After some screwing around, I found the solution.

Apparently PVS can’t use a disk that is GPT, you must use MBR.  Once I switched that and reformatted the disks, viola!  Everything worked exactly as it should.

Happy provisioning,


2 responses to “PVS 7.6 Cache Disks on 2012R2

  1. How did you create the XenApp image?
    can you give a step-by-step?
    What policy use?
    What program you install, eg: office ?
    How did you configure them?
    What about user profiles? Folder redirection?