It’s the end of Access Gateway as we know it…

Ok, so poor Billy Joel reference aside, Access Gateway really is going away.  Loyal Citrix fans already know that Citrix has been working for quite some time now on making the featuresets between Netscaler and AG the same.  Since they were different code bases, this was a long and time consuming process, and feature parity seemed like it was a pipe dream.  No more!

How has Citrix accomplished this?  Well, they DID spend an awful lot of time working to get Netscaler to support all the same features, of course.  Then, to finalize the whole thing, and give people a single interface by which to configure all those features, they’ve decided to scrap Access Gateway.  Read all about it here.  Basically, what it boils down to is that 31-March-2013 is the End of Sale date for existing Access Gateway product line that is based on non-netscaler code.  Future appliance models will now be known as Access Gateway MPX, formerly Access Gateway 5500.  The new Access Gateway VPX is based on Netscaler code, so you’ll recognize the way it works.  The good news?  Current Access Gateway VPX customers using the non-Netscaler codebase can migrate to the new product for free.

Have an Access Gateway 2010 appliance?  Citrix hasn’t forgotten about you!  Through the end of calendar year 2012 you can “trade up” and get a $3,000 discound off SRP of any new Access Gateway MPX or Netscaler MPX.