Printing help?

In case you haven’t seen, Microsoft released a “Printer Rollup Pack” last month specifically to address printing pronblems in Win7/Server 2008R2.

It can’t make things any worse, right?



Printing Woes

Citrix printing.  Lets face it, it just sucks.  The world would be SUCH a better place if printers were abolished and we never had to deal with them, right?  Yes, Citrix has made strides with their Universal Printer Driver, and things have gotten better, but really..   Show me someone who has never had printing problems on Citrix and I’ll show you someone that’s never worked on Citrix before.

I’m currently battling with some printing issues for a customer in a XA 6.5 farm.  In my hunt for a solution, I ran across this utility from Citrix called Print Detective.  If you’ve never heard of it, check it out.  There is a short, 7-minute instructional video on how to use it and what it does.  This little utility is definitely a permanent addition to my arsenal of Citrix tools.

Happy printing!